Who knows where the bodies are buried?

Tuam, County Galway, Ireland Mass Grave

Interred 1925 - 1961.

796 children between the ages of 3 months and 9 years old.

Bon Secours Sister Mother and Baby Home for unwed, pregnant women.

Funded by the Catholic Church.

No records of deaths.

Source : BBC News

Toronto, Canada Mass Grave

Interred 1860s - 1948.

​75 British Children

​Foster children

​Funded by Multiple Charities.

Records available.  Murdered, abuse, disease

​Source: CBC News

Trujillo, Peru Mass Grave

Interred ~1400AD -1450AD

​140 Children + 200 llamas sacrificed on the same day in ritual sacrifice.

​Ages 5-14 years old.

​Chests ripped open and hearts removed. 

​Faces were painted red with dye.

Source: National Geographic

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada Mass Grave

Interred 1895 - 1912

50 Indian School-Age Children in an unmarked grave.

Students of Brandon Indian Residential School.

Cause of death labled disease (pneumonia, scarlet Fever)

​No records located.

Source: Brandon Sun

Benjamin Franklin' basement. 36 Craven Street, London, England

in 1998, 9 adults and 6 children found buried in a mass grave.

Carbon Dating reveals they died while Franklin resided there.

Cause of death, unknown. 

No records.

Possibly robbed from graves for Anatomy research. 

Source: Smithsonian Magazine.

West Mesa Boneyard, Arizona, USA

11 women and 1 foetus found in shallow graves in 2009.

Ages of the victims 15 - 34.

All victims were sex workers.

Cause of death unreleased.

No arrests made.

Source:  Albuquerque Journal

Sedlec Ossuary, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Known as the Church of Bones since 1870.

Bones of 40,000 unaccounted human beings who simply wished to be buried in a Holy Place.  

After death, they were stored in the basement.  

In 1870 a wood carver was hired to place "the bones on order"

​Source: Sedluc Ossuary

Suitcase, Greenwich, Connecticut, USA

A 24-year-old female with hands and feet bound was found dead, in a suitcase, on the roadside in the affluent neighborhood of Greenwich Oakes .

​Reported missing from New Rochelle, New York on January 29, 2019.

​Source: KTLA

Highway 16, British Columbia, Canada

Since 1969 nearly 50 women have disappeared while hitchhiking this stretch of road, now called the Highway of Tears.

No suspects currently.  No arrests.

Missing found as far as 10 miles away or on roadside of Highway 16

Many remain missing.

Source: New York Times

For every one dead body, how many remain hidden?    Why would anyone want the dead to be found? [suitcase]  

The lack of dead bodies everywhere is often used as an argument against any widespread abductions.  This is an appeal to ignorance and a fallacy in informal logic.  Just because we don't find mass graves more frequently, does not mean they do not exist.