Subject Zero

Toronto, Canada, October 2010: Undercover agents make contact with a man they know has been distributing child pornography. What they don't know is that they have scraped the surface of a massive Child Porn ring.

Using forensics they track his acquisitions to a company called Azov Films operating out of Toronto, Canada. It is a complete child porn production facility. Its owner, 42-year-old Brian Wray serves as the production company for hundreds of movie makers across the globe on almost every continent. In total, 348 adults were arrested worldwide. Many, many more were implicated and not charged - more on that later.

"an entire child movie production and distribution company in Toronto operating via the website azovfilms.com."

The website which is now obviously shuttered is displayed above. The Toronto Star, in conjunction with Toronto police, did view some of the films. Initially, they were presented as "naturist" and "coming of age" films which were "legal" in Canada and the US. These films typically featured nude, wrestling, posing provocatively and acting out scenarios that included close-up shots of their genitals. According to the Star, interviews with several of the boys indicated that they had been duped by Wray's partner Markus Roth. Marcus Roth was convicted in 1999 of assaulting 11 boys in Germany. For this, he served two years in prison. Afterward, he moved to Romania and became a Karate instructor [Rule of the Predator] and began, once again sexually abusing boys [Rule of the Obsessed] It was in this position that he hoodwinked boys into being filmed nude initially, but over time began to produce more lurid content. It became increasingly clear to Wray that films that were more provocative were selling better. Initially, Wray had consulted with an attorney who told him his "coming of age art films" were legal but as profits corrupt, so did Wray and Roth. The website began to feature the "stars" of the movies biography much like centerfold foldouts. The Toronto Star traveled to Romania and did interview some of the child "stars" who were between 10 and 18 and found they were devastated when they learned their images had been sold all over the world. The Toronto Star had privy to some of these films with permission from Toronto Police. Typical movies from Roth included naked boys wiping toothpaste on each other, close-ups of genitalia, and in one a nude boy cuddles a greasy chicken while making sucking noises.

To increase volume, Wray began seeking submissions from anyone and everyone who read his webpage. The videos and the images began to become increasingly more disturbing with even seasoned vice inspectors stating the content included, “horrific sexual acts against very young children, some of the worst they have ever viewed,” Descriptions of infant sexual abuse involving coprophilia and sodomy were given.

In the end, 45 terabytes of child pornography was seized. To put that in comparison, the Library of Congress is about 525 terabytes.

The Arrested

known Male, Canada

Un A 43-year-old male (whose identity is sealed in order to protect those he abused) who helped establish an orphanage in Mexico, volunteered for the Big Brothers Association and sponsored several children through the charity World Vision would be found to be a serial child sexual abuser (pedophile) [Rule of the Predator] As well, he adopted a young boy. His home was raided in 2012 as part of Project Spade and his computer was seized and found to have child pornography stored on its hard drive. He was arrested, charged, and released. Five months later the police would return to arrest him again. “We have evidence of what we allege is hands-on abuse of children,” an RCMP spokesperson told reporters at the time. The victims included his adopted son. The man received “the equivalent of a 14-month sentence” for his crimes.

David Goldberg, Editor, Montreal, Canada

Respected editor of a Montreal community newspaper and little league baseball coach, wrote the following in the Atlantic, “For almost 20 years, I spent virtually every night of my life in the same manner: Sitting in front of my computer . . . trawling the Internet for child pornography,” . Project Spade snared him and he served a very light sentence of 90 days, on weekends. Had he been in the US, he would have served many years. He claims he has never molested a child. How could we ever know if that is the truth? Currently he is seeking a publisher for his book which he hopes helps other pedophiles deal "with the way they are".

[Rule of the Wolf][Rule of the Predator]

Daniel Moreau, Catholic Priest, Scout Master

The Association des Scouts du Canada released a press release stating Moreau had not been a part of their movement for 20 years. “Not sharing the same vision of scouting, he quit the Association des Scouts du Canada to found his own group, not recognized by the World Organization of the Scout Movement,”. He was charged with seven counts of child pornography in 2013 and his case remains in court on last review.

Within the United States, 150 arrests were made. Many of those arrested were high-profile community leaders in education, medicine, childcare and even law enforcement. "Among the arrests were the chief probation officer of San Mateo County in California, an Oregon state trooper, a Connecticut police officer, a Texas police officer, and an FBI program manager.

Many of the other suspects had close access to children, including an elementary school teacher from Georgia, a New Jersey middle-school vice principal, a high-school basketball coach in Ohio and a senior executive with the Indiana Boy Scouts."

Dr. Richard Keller, MD Pediatric Endocrinology

Project Spade also led to this doctor. He's a pediatric endocrinologist, or in layman's terms a specialist in childhood diseases of the hormones (thyroid, diabetes etc). [Rule of the Wolf] [Rule of the Predator] He was charged in federal court Sept. 13, 2012, with receiving child pornography after more than 500 photographs and at least 60 DVDs were seized from his house in Andover, Massachusetts home. Dr. Keller was an attending physician for Harvard Medical School at Boston Children’s Hospital. Prior to that, he was Chief Medical Director for the prestigious Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass. whose student population included former U.S. presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. After his arrest, it was noted that he had previously received a warning from Phillips Academy for viewing adult pornography on school computers in 1999. He was reprimanded again at a later date for showing children an "inappropriate cartoon". Four months after his arrest, police were back at Keller's house searching again. After going through the many videotapes, they had found original films of nude children at a French Nudist Resort. In Dr. Keller's possession was recording equipment. It seems he was not only watching child porn, but he was also filming it . Prior to seeking a position at Harvard, Keller abruptly quit his position at Phillips Academy, this after he "took a leave of absence". The article is quite suspicious for Phillips Academy, asking for his resignation. As well, he was a Camp doctor at two summer camps. Nobody suspected anything. [Rule of the Wolf][Rule of the obsessed][Rule of the Predator]

Dr. Mark Shaffer, MD Aurora, Ohio, USA

Dr. Shaffer is a Board Certified Internal Medicine doctor who practiced in the University of Ohio medical system for more than 20 years. When postal inspectors knocked on his door he did not deny purchasing child pornography from Azov Films. His house was searched and child porn was recovered. In a lengthy interview at the police station, Dr Shaffer confessed to sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl. A total of 22 more indictments would befall him before final sentencing. He received life in prison, and given his age of 82, will likely never be free.

[Rule of the Wolf]

Why did these intelligent and well respected men perform acts they knew were detrimental to children? It's quite possible they went into their respective fields to simply have access. [Rule of the Predator] Were they abused as children? This is quite often a common thread. If well respected, "normal" people are capable of this, how capable are those who are not only psychopathic [No remorse until apprehended], but "bad"?

We can definitively say, that there is a demand for child pornography and with great confidence, I can say there is a demand for children. There are countless cases of children being abducted, raped, and killed. Google proves this.