Hiding in Plain Site

Updated: May 6, 2019

Febuary 12, 2019

The word "Symbol" is taken from the Greek word "Symbolon" which means "a sign". Symbolism is the attachment of meaning to another object to give it a completely different meaning which is usually far deeper and more significant.

You are driving down a road and come across a building. Attached to the front of the building is a symbol.

If you were a child, you might think this was a fish, eating a thumbtack. But you are an adult and you know this symbol, and a cocktail sounds great. You pull in, park, and approach the front door. There, firmly attached is this symbol.

And your fine with that even though you're not gay. But below it is another symbol that looks like this.

What an interesting design you think. You wonder what it means. You grow bit uneasy. It's the same feeling you get when people are talking in another language you do not know while they look at you, then laugh. If you don't know this symbol, then you probably are not into bondage. If you are into bondage, your probably know it.

Other symbols are not quite so obvious. They are hidden for a number of reasons. You are surrounded by them.

Do you see a word spelled out in this symbol? Have you ever even looked for it?

Coincidence? Hardly. Toyota is very proud of the Logo which includes their name. But why is all of this important? It's because every symbol you find holds the meaning it was intended to portray. People do not display a symbol intentionally and then discount it's meaning. Would you wear a shirt with a swasticka on it? A pentogram? A cross?

Look for symbols. They are code and they carry meaning. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Rule of the Symbol - Symbols do not lie.

A symbol is only wrong if it is displayed with ignorance.  You will find in life this is rarely the case.  Would you display a symbol you did not know the meaning of?  A man with Nazi china dinnerware displayed is revealing more than his love of dinnerware.  You don't give someone the one finger salute and expect most to disregard it.  People have lost jobs and reputations when they were associated with certain symbols.  Symbol association has ruined presidential candidates literally overnight.

Mike Dukakis hoped to utilize symbolism to demonstrate he was strong on American Security.  The day after this political advertisement aired, his poll numbers plummeted.  Mike Dukakis lost the presidency to George H.W. Bush and many blame this symbolism.  He aimed to symbolize American military strength, and instead was a goofy bobblehead. 

Barack Obama, was handed a football helmet at one campaign stop but did not put it on.  He chimed, "Candidates don't put anything on their head, that's politics 101."  So then how did Trump manage to remain unscathed?  Because Symbols Do Not Lie.  Trump got away with a tacky red hat because it was a symbol his supporters embraced.  Even die-hard Dukakis fans could not stomach the image of the Massachusetts Governor and condemned it as disaster.  It was.  

Trust symbols.  They are messages intended or not that send information.  Sometimes a symbol is all you have to go on.  People will not display false symbols.  There are exceptions such as a false minefield sign, but these are very rare.  Oftentimes it is the key to the truth because many times it is the case that others don't realize you understand their symbols and you have cracked their code.  When exposed they will claim you are seeing something when there is nothing.  It is this defense that makes symbols so irresistible to use.  But once they are cracked with a Rosetta Stone - They do not lie. 

You can glean a lot from symbols on social media. Here, we have Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.  This was taken from his twitter account.    From this picture, I can tell you where it was taken, the date, and the exact location using the symbols it contains.   Can you?  Notice the way he's holding the newspaper, and what it says.   What is in the background between them?  What red logo is on the newspaper?  

Mama Ngina Drive is located in Nairobi.  The paper is the Standard, a Kenyan paper.  Mama Ngina drive was memorialized in 1991.  Mama Ngina is a Kenyan National Hero.  The city in the background is quite big.  I suspect this is Nairobi.  A search for clocktower Nairobi demonstrates one just like this near Parliament.  Google Earth brings us there.  Reference on the internet demonstrates Obama was in fact in Kenya in 1991.

There's nothing too shocking here.  This is the plaza the picture was taken from.  It's the Parliament Plaza with the same clocktower in the background. 

Symbols are everywhere.  Do you see any others?  From the clothing, we can probably guess a closer date.  A wedding ring.  A car in the background.  Who knows what other information we can glean from these symbols. 

They never lie.