About Myne Gaim

I am a board-certified internal medicine doctor currently in practice somewhere in the midwest. I have always considered myself a Reagan Conservative, and I thought George W. Bush was pretty good and descent.  I voted for John McCain.  Then something happened.


I woke in the Summer of 2017.  Previously, I had considered anyone suggesting a conspiracy of any type was either delusional or seeking profit.  There was no way our government or our local leaders could do any of the atrocious things many accused them of, so I was asleep.  I was asleep because even considering some of the things proposed by people was abhorrent and I refused to even consider the claims.  I loved my Country (Still do) and it was impossible for me to even consider.


My eyes began to open after the Boston Marathon Bombings.  My wife wanted me to read some posts proposing the event was a false flag.  I rolled my eyes and read (happy wife, happy life).   Some of the findings, the photographs, the unbelievably good social investigations were surprising.  Still, there just wasn't enough to nudge me from my slumber.


Pizzagate came and I thought the claims of people eating, and torturing children was absurd.  The 9/11 Commission report verified my confidence that it was a bunch of Islamic Terrorists to blame and the Iraq war, and Afghanistan was what they deserved over there!


Then something happened that I thought was impossible.  Barry Soetoro was elected president.  I had been very confident that McCain would win.  I liked Sarah Palin. Hell, I even like John McCain back then.  


I had to figure out what had happened.  What was the magic in this "community organizer", because frankly, I did not see it.  Could it really be that American's voted for him just because they wanted to see the first black president?  No, that was not it because there had been other charismatic black nominees such as Jessie Jackson and later, Ben Carson.  


I began to dig.  I heard somewhere that Barry wasn't even born in the US.  I thought, "How can that be?!, he's the freaking president, they check all that stuff out.  Impossible! " But the more I dug into it, the crazier it got.  


I began to discover all kinds of oddities and curious coincidences which were far to profound to ignore.  Did they prove anything? Often not, but they begged to be further investigated.  I could not understand why so many others simply were not interested, were asleep.  


The hardest part about wanting to wake up is wanting to wake up.  Even now, my family, for the most part, doesn't want to hear about adrenochrome, Satanism, or child trafficking or the many other unspeakable crimes.  Ignorance is bliss!  These things are very uncomfortable to fathom and therefore they must be myths.  Even when given extremely good evidence, they shake their head and ask if I'm okay.  Sound familiar?  If not, then maybe you should just consider, consider the possibility that nothing is as it seems to you. If you can muster this for just a moment, then at least you know your sleeping.   ​

The internet and the Freedom of Information Act, and the PACER court system, and sources everywhere has made social investigating a truly powerful weapon.  Couple that with the hivemind capacity of millions of brains working together, and anything is possible.  Ask Shia Labouf about that.