"The Whitelist"

The best of the best, the most informative and entertaining.  The "Real News".  My curation of reality.  

We Are The News Now

This Youtube channel not only an excellent news source but its host Sir Patrick Mack is very entertaining.  It's quite obvious he is a professional exhibiting excellent editing, composing and content. 

I love this page.  Excellent, deep dives into everything cabal and globalist.  Well written and everflowing.  Belongs in your favorites.

This Youtube channel is a talking head format but the head is nice to look at, and she offers some excellent analysis of reality and thought provoking ideas on the Great Awakening. 

Also referred to as CDAN , this website is a gossip column - on steroids.  This website is presumably run by a Hollywood Entertainment Attorney who lives in his parent's basement.  Information is offered up as "blinds" in which the scoop is delivered and then readers speculate on the culprit. Libs hate this page.

A very good news review site that brings you what's important and real.  Since abandoning Drudge, I use this site for updates on stories.  Features many clips, and content from real news makers.

Where do I start? She's beautiful and smart and needs a Pulitzer Prize for her coverage of FisaGate, and everything evil in Washington.